Diversen Maquiasfalt CEA08RLXM Bitumen

Construction Asphalt sprayer
Year 2002
Id BN0199
Price € 19.750,-
Fuel Diesel
Stock nr. : BN0199
Marke - Brand : Maquiasfalt
Type - Model : CEA08RLXM Bitumen
EZ - First Reg : 2002
Motor - Engine : 2cil Diesel
Stunden-hours on display: 1070 St./Hour
Extra's (DE) : Bitumen Sprayer Auf Haakarm systeem
Extra's : Tank 8000L, Saug & Blas Pumpe
Extra's : Hydro SprayBalk 4m,Water Tank, CE
Extras (GBR) : Bitum Sprayer on HookArm System
Extras : Tank 8000L,Suck/Blow Pump,WaterTank
Extras : Hydro Spraybar 4m, PetrolTank
Reifen/Laufwerk-Tracks :
Tot.Gewicht - Tot weight:
EG - EG :

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