Mitsubishi Morooka MKM 750

Construction Tractor
Year 2005
Id BM9989
Price € 24.750,-
Fuel Diesel
Operating hours 7.320 h
Stock nr. : BM9989
Marke - Brand : Mitsibishi
Type - Model : Morooka MKM-750
EZ - First Reg : 2005
Motor - Engine : Mitsubishi 4cil.75HP
Stunden-hours on display: 3720 St./Hour
Extra's (DE) : Klima, Hydrostatic Antrieb, EHR
Extra's : 5DW Ventielen,Hyper Frase 261T 2.8m
Extra's : L=400 B=190 H-259, Stabil. Stange
Extras (GBR) : Aircon, Hydrostatic Drive, EHR
Extras : 5DW Valves, Hyper Milling 261T 2.8m
Extras : L=400 B=190 H=259,Stabilisation Rot
Reifen/Laufwerk-Tracks : Tracks 50cm
Tot.Gewicht - Tot weight:
EG - EG : 4.200 KG

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