Bauer ecofore 302 water drill

Construction Drill
Year 2011
Id BG0168
Fuel Diesel
Operating hours 3.600 h
Weight 2.700 kg
General state Good
Technical state Good
Optical state Value.state.gemiddeld
Stock nr. : BG0168
Marke - Brand : Ecofore water drill
Type - Model : 302
EZ - First Reg : 2011
Motor - Engine : Hatz 3 cil
Stunden-hours on display: 3600
Extra's (DE) :
Extra's : hudro hammer,wasser pumpe
Extra's :4Hydro stutzen,Mast 3 Meter,fernbedienung
Extra's : site shift ,1 mal klemme
Extras (GBR) :
Extras : hydro hammer,water pump
Extras :4 Hydro feeth,boom 3 meter,remote control
Extra's : site shift, 1 clamp
Reifen/Laufwerk-Tracks : Tracks 60%
Tot.Gewicht - Tot weight: 2700 KG
Pulling force 3500kg
Demensions Long 4 meter width 1,30meter
Preis/price IN EURO NETTO

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